Housecat Club Takes On CatConLA

July 01, 2016 Patrick Poole

Recently the Housecat crew donned our best feline apparel and flew to sunny Los Angeles for the world's largest gathering of cat fanatics: CatConLA!

We made a pit stop at the outdoor flower market to pick out some posies for our booth.

Then we headed to The Reef and after several hours of setup, our space was complete and we were ready to welcome the throngs of cat enthusiasts who flocked from all over the world to celebrate our most favoritest thing ever: CATS!

Although we were so busy during the two-day event that we didn't see much beyond our booth, we met some amazing fellow cat fanciers and headed back home with full hearts and tons of new friends. 

We're already preparing for our next show: Cleveland Pet Expo! If you're in the neighborhood October 8-9th, be sure to stop by and say hello! :)